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Management of Financial Statements and statistical studies for the estimation of taxes due by firms in specific industries (Studi di settore)

The drawing up of Annual Financial Statements, Periodic, Interim and Forecast Accounts, the simulation of Tax Accounts and Analyses of Adequacy and Consistency

General and Simplified Bookkeeping, Bookkeeping for Professionals and Fixed Asset Management

VAT registration, Prime Entry and Fixed Assets, Liquidations and Periodic VAT Declarations, Financial Statements

Tax Returns, Property tax, Irap (regional corporate tax) and certifications of Withholding agents

The filling-in and computerized forwarding of Tax Returns

Analysis of financial statements

Balance Sheets and Income Statements, Composition, Comparison and Analysis Indices for various account headings, Statutory Annual Accounts as per Fourth EEC Directive, Analyses and Indices of Cost of Sales, Human Resources, Profitability, Tax Burden, etc..

Company Analysis

Economic Analysis of Company operations and of Fixed and Variable Costs; Analytical Accounting aimed at the identification and control of major indicators of Company Activities.   


Planning, Drawing up and Assistance regarding contracts of a Corporate, Civil and Fiscal nature.

Mortgages, Loans, Leasing and other Banking Operations

Analysis of financial requirements and relative sources of finance

Representation with the Public Administration

Administrative procedures and access to the Public Administration

Company Assessment and Extraordinary Operations

Assessment of Complex Companies, Corporate Advice and Assistance in extraordinary Transformation, Merger and Demerger Operations, Company Incorporation, Liquidations and Transfers of company shares.  

Corporate and Legal Advice

Advice in civil law regarding the different aspects of business or professional activities (Governance, Articles of Association, Civil liability towards third parties, etc.)

A number of activities are offered through companies that operate as preferential partners of the firm, such as:

GESTIO S.R.L.Planning and control instruments for small and medium enterprises

CON.TE.S. SRLSafety in work environments

STUDIO SANI SASSpecialist consultancy on financial matters and extraordinary operations

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