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The so-called “HR Portal” service has been recently introduced, which allows companies to consult general details, printouts (deferred costs, holidays, etc.), processed data, schedules and excel sheets relating to their employees through access to a web Portal dedicated to the Company.

The HR Portal provides a link between the Company, the company’s staff and Bartoli & Arveda.

The Firm makes this personalized portal dedicated to Human Resources Management available to its Clients.


Bartoli & Arveda is specialized in all obligations for the correct management of relations with employees, from hiring to dismissal, and to obligatory reports to Institutions.

We have a team coordinated and managed by the professionals in the Firm which is dedicated exclusively to the management of hiring and termination procedures, obligatory reports, the compilation of the injury register and relations with social security bodies, etc..  


By way of example, the administrative activities of the staff involve:


- the opening of INPS (Italian Social Security Organization) contribution positions and INAIL (Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) insurance positions;

- reports of injury;

- the drafting of letters of appointment after an analysis of the proper classification and verification of possible tax relief / allowances payable;

- notification of hiring / transformation / termination to the Job Center (Centro per l'Impiego);

- calculation of salaries (gross/net cost);

- any other activities relating to the management and the accounting, the remuneration and social security treatment of employees, freelance workers and partners.


Payroll services outsourced by both small and large companies


Payroll and contributions processing is one of Bartoli & Arveda’s main areas of activity.

Payroll processing is carried out with cutting-edge programs and procedures, which allow the firm to offer its clients a high quality and flexible service.

For companies with automated management of attendance, the payroll software is able to acquire the files that permit the electronic importation of attendance/absence justifications.

All analyses can be transmitted to the client by e-mail to the addresses provided by the company. The pay slips are suitably numbered and bear the INAIL stamp.

It is also possible, for those who so wish, to receive the documentation in paper form.  


The HR portal optimizes management and communication processes, streamlining and improving the efficiency of human resources activities. It makes it possible to publish online all the services and information, as well as to access employee self-service for staff and applications reserved for the human resources office.


The HR portal is an innovative tool supporting relations between the company and its staff which, through a unique access point via the internet, permits the organization to reduce times for access to information, to make the consultation of documents easier, to optimize the management of processes and to improve the company’s image.


Through the HR portal, Client companies can have the following services available online:


- all the services (payroll, management of attendance, staff budgets etc.) for managing their staff;

- an important instrument for the management of several activities and processes (from recruitment to selection, from training programs to the forwarding of appraisal tests, from the assessment of skills to the establishing of objectives etc.);

- an area for the publication of company communications and of any document of interest to employees (pay slip, attendance record, contractual data, remuneration data, etc.) also differentiated by organizational structures of the company (subsidiaries, sectors, etc.);

- access to so-called self-service operations that allow employees to check their attendance record and insert attendance/absence justifications, insert holidays and expense claims, see training programs and enroll on courses, etc..


The HR portal is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any mobile and/or fixed device: PC, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, etc.

Employees can have access to their own personal page to see / print / file personal documents relating to their employment - Single Employment ledger, “CUD” (Income tax return issued to employees by their companies), deductions forms, family allowance forms (ANF), severance pay forms (TFR), etc. - at any time, in a protected fashion and in complete freedom.


Payroll processes include, by way of example:


- Pay slips (single employment ledger);

- Uniemens form and computerized forwarding;

- Calculation of contributions and taxes: F24 form;

- Calculation of economic conditions in the event of illness, injury, maternity … and the carrying out of relative obligations towards authorities;

- Prime entry for salaries;

- Managing supplementary pensions;

- Accruals schedule;

- IRAP (regional corporate tax) schedule;

- T.F.R. (employee severance pay) schedule;

- Studi di Settore (statistical studies for the estimation of taxes due by firms in specific industries) schedule;

- INAIL payments;

- CUD forms;

- 770 forms (tax returns) and computerized forwarding;


Advice on employment and human resources management


No innovative business idea, aimed at producing sustainable development over time, can succeed without also encompassing an innovative idea for the search, development and enhancement of the persons called upon to implement and carry it forward.

Through its advice on the management of employment and human resources, Bartoli & Arveda takes care of the creation, definition and evolution of the employment relationship to be established. We analyze, study and manage every legal, contractual, insurance and social security aspect, the impacts on costs and the impacts in social terms that the hiring of a new figure may cause inside the company’s organizational structure, as well as the various contractual and financing possibilities (tax relief, subsidies, etc.).  

“Traditional” employment advice is strictly linked to administrative obligations (administration of personnel, the preparation of pay slips, the management of contributions and tax advice). Alongside this essential consultancy activity, we also offer high level legal and organizational skills and knowledge, with a global assessment of the impact of every single element of employment, in all its forms.  


Preparing labor cost budgets


Staff costs (in the different types of subordinate, coordinated and autonomous employment contracts) represent one of the most significant and material cost headings for companies and are present (because of their fixed nature) also when the company is in periods of difficulty.  


A careful processing of staff costs is extremely important in order to avoid falsifying the company’s results.

A company (or its consultant) preparing the staff costs budget (collecting necessary information) must therefore make a detailed analysis of the elements that make up staff costs according to company objectives, needs and strategies.


Employment Costs

The service provides for the preparation of staff cost reports for single months or for predefined periods through various and personalized output formats (.xls, .pdf, etc.).



The service supports the Human Resources Management in strategic forecasting activities relating to HR through a process of simulations and projections of economic-dimensional impacts generated by foreseeable events.


The service provides ideal support for:


• defining Budget scenarios according to hypothesized strategic choices;

• establishing remuneration and staff turnover policies;

• predicting the impacts deriving from contractual variations.


The process may be carried out on an analytical basis, by individual employee, by cost center or other parameter (business unit, etc.) or on a synthetic basis, working on statistical classes and assumptions.


Management of expatriate staff and consultancy


Bartoli & Arveda has specific experience regarding all aspects of managing employees abroad and foreign employees in Italy.

Our team of professionals is able to provide a series of administrative services to companies that decide to manage in outsourcing a part or all their programs for seconding employees abroad.


Specifically, the services include:


• The definition of policies for managing and administering employee secondments abroad.

• Advice on employment regulations (at a national and international level).

• The development and management of remuneration plans for expatriate employees.

• Support activities before and during the secondment of staff abroad.

• Advice to expatriated employees.

• The coordination and review of company policies in force.


Moreover, the Firm is able to provide specific advice regarding contribution and tax representations for staff working in Italy and employed by EU and non-EU companies without a stable organization in Italy.

The services offered include:


The management of staff hired in Italy and reporting abroad to both EU and non-EU countries.

The management of staff hired by foreign companies


Trade Union Law, Industrial relations and consulting in industrial disputes


Bartoli & Arveda offers specific advice in the area of trade union law, both with regards to particular negotiations or agreements affecting the company and in relation to the ordinary management of relations with trade union organizations.  

The professionals in the Firm, moreover, provide day-to-day assistance to Client companies offering a specialist service associated with the interpretation of employment and contractual regulations and offering advice on staff management (again with relation to regulatory and contractual aspects).

The Firm, finally, deals with trade union relations with reference to legal (collective dismissal procedures, etc.) or contractual procedures, and with trade union relations in general, providing assistance to Client businesses.


The services offered, by way of example, include:


Individual and/or collective disputes

Disciplinary procedures (disciplinary appeals, disciplinary measures, dismissals and disputes with employees)

Labor disputes

Procedures relating to use of Redundancy Schemes: Ordinary Redundancy Support Fund, Extraordinary Redundancy Support Fund, Special Redundancy Schemes (for non-industrial companies or for companies not large enough to be eligible for the application of the ordinary procedure), Solidarity contracts and procedures under job security agreements.

Individual and collective dismissals;

Certifications, employment contracts, waivers and transactions with trade unions and before the Commission for Conciliation in Territorial Employment Offices;

Consultancy and assistance in specific company negotiations


Social welfare and pension advice


The Firm provides advice in the social welfare/pension field either directly or through highly qualified and expert partners.

We deal directly with requests for updated pension situations and we analyze them, studying the position of individuals, and giving advice regarding access to pension provisions, besides simulating the presumed date of obtaining the right to receive pension payments.


Company due diligence activities

Our experience in employment law gained over many years makes us particularly qualified to carry out so-called due diligence activities with reference to employment and social security matters, to assess and examine all employment aspects, besides certifying, further to the request of clients or deriving from dealings with a contractor, every remunerative, tax and contribution element relating to employment.

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